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Terry Parker's Victims... [entries|friends|calendar]
The High of Terry Parker

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[ Monday November 6th 2006 @ 11:19am]

I completely forgot this thing existed. I feel like a terrible parent.

And I graduated. I have no right to be here.

[ Sunday October 9th 2005 @ 9:23pm]

Name: jena
Grade: 10
Something super cool: poop
...and some comment about TP: its gay
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Skewl. [ Saturday July 30th 2005 @ 1:53am]

School is gonna be back in soon, and I've seen the cafeteria first-hand when I went to orientation, and I swear I thought I had stepped onto a scene from Napoleon Dynamite... all of it just seemed so... 60's. It also looks really tiny now. I'm pretty sure Ms.French was on acid when she had this idea, which would explain the 60's theme. Lunch just won't be the same.

On another note, they re-did the entire auditorium, and we got new seats. =D They're not wooden anymore, they're plastic now, but it's still a tiny bit softer than wood!

[ Monday July 25th 2005 @ 10:50pm]

Name: Jena pshh you all know me.
Grade: 10th
Something super cool: umm.. parker sucks.
...and some comment about TP:
again, parker sucks, junior year-HURR I COME FLETCHER!

[ Thursday July 21st 2005 @ 11:23pm]

Name: Justin
Grade: 11th
Something super cool: ME!
...and some comment about TP: like africa....only without all the animals.
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[ Wednesday July 20th 2005 @ 11:32pm]

[ mood | hello. ]

Name: my name is hannah.
Grade: graduated.
Something super cool: the chimney sweeps in mary poppins.
...and some comment about TP: some teachers were awesome & some classes were fun, but overall i am happy to not be there.


T.P.!? [ Wednesday July 20th 2005 @ 5:05pm]

Zomg ish T.P. communit-ay! Woo woo... as the first official act of this community, I say we change the meaning of the word 'hypothetical' to 'liar'. Just seems like a good idea. Anywho... this is Jeff, as some of you may know, I'm in a program that lets me be a senior in T.P., yay me, all I need to do is have a job by July 28th. T.P. is the closest thing to Hell on Earth, but it's made better with friends and cool teachers. Ms.Branham, Ms.A, Coach Koerick, Mr.Waxman, just to name a few... sooo... ummm... Hi.

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